A love Story in Italy – Marche Region

Antonio and Laurina, a love story in Italy, in the Marche Region.
Today we talk about Bosco del Cugnolo, in Torre di Palme, just 20 km from the our Camping on the seashore, Centro Vacanze La Risacca. These is one of the protected areas of the Marche Region, which boasts the presence of oak trees, pines, junipers, arbutus. The trail leads to Grotta degli amanti, a natural ravine, carved into the sandstone rock, which was the background to the love between two hapless youths: Antonio and Laurina.
It was 1911 during the colonial war in Libya, Antonio 24, 19. Laurina Laurina, illiterate peasant, just to be able to communicate with her lover party as a soldier he learned to read and write They wrote all the time.
Returned home for a short leave, Antonio was happy to embrace his bride but …. He was called to arms! He decided to desert. The two young lovers fled and took refuge with their own in what was later renamed “Grotta degli Amanti” Unfortunately, the desertion from the army was a serious crime for the time, punished with the death penalty. The two lovers, with soldiers at his heels, began again to escape but were quickly traced.
Faced with the prospect of a new, definitive separation, the two lovers threw themselves out of the ditch of San Filippo.
together in life and in death

The forest of Cugnolo is ideal to take relaxing walks and hikes The birds singing in the background and you can meet some rate or Fox. The path in the wood accompanies you at Orange Tree Villa, a charming seventeenth-century villa whose name celebrates the citrus planted in that land.

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