Large Pitch

Da €13/night
Max 6 people Electricity Water connection children discount

This type is placed in Viale Pioppi, measures a minimum of 7 x 10.5 meters and has a numbered parking space, electricity and water connection.

Small dogs (max 15 kg) allowed on request in Viale Pioppi Nord, from pitch n.201 to n.214.

The central weeks of August can be booked for a minimum period of two weeks.

* Children from 2 years old to 7 years old: 50% reduction


Water connection



1,2 Kw (5,4 A) included

Hot shower


Dogs allowed

55/5000 small size (max 15 kg) in the North area -suppl. extra

One Free parking

Available Extra parking for payment


Children from 2 years old to 7 years old: 50% reduction


The Centro Vacanze La Risacca is on the seashore, therefore you don’t have to cross any road to reach the beach (pebble). Its 80.000 sqm offers a wide range of services such as: Animation, Musical Evenings and entertainment, outdoor Disco, Mini Club, Sports tournaments, Mini Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Game of Bowls, Gymnastics and Aerobics lessons, Children Playground under pine-trees, Water Park, Trampolines, Sports Courses, Beach Service or Free Beach, Bicycle Rental, Washing machines, Ironing-room, Tours and Excursions, Camper Service, Bar, Restaurant, Pizzeria, Self-Service, Take away food, Supermarket, Tobacconist’s, Newspapers.


Prices inclusive of entertainment and shows forfeit and VAT. Entrance to the Acquapark is not included. Minimum crew of one person and maximum of 6 people. The reserved pitches are available from 12 noon on the day of arrival and must be returned before 12 noon on the day of departure. At the time of booking, a deposit of 25% of the total amount is required. Recall that, as required by current legislation, you can make payment of the stay of an amount equal to or greater than € 3,000.00 exclusively through traceable means such as checks, pagobancomat, credit cards etc .. The stay of minors are not allowed unless accompanied from parents or adult relatives. Inside the Bancomat there is a free service of safety deposit boxes. Prices do not include any Tourist Tax.

Admission to the Holiday Center implies acceptance and compliance with the regulations that can be supplemented, from time to time, by additional rules that the Management deems appropriate for the best functioning of the Center. Furthermore, it entails authorization to shoot photos and videos as part of the collective activities of the Holiday Center. The staff is required to enforce the regulation and to report to the Management who does not comply with it. The defaulters will be immediately removed.

  1. On their arrival, Guests have to produce their identity cards, one for each people of the family, in order to be registered.
  2. Visitors must be authorized to enter the Holiday Camp. After having produced their identity card, they are allowed to enter the Holiday Camp only on foot, and must leave within 12,00 p.m. After 2 hours of stay, they will have to pay the camping daily tariff.

Visiting hours: from 7,oo a.m. to 10,30 p.m.

  1. From 2 p.m. to 4,oo pm. and from 12,00 p.m. to 7,oo a.m., people must keep silence. Therefore, it is not allowed to use radio sets or similar, to pitch and strike tents, drive around, enjoy the playground and provoke any disturbing noise.
  2. It is forbidden to drive inside the Village area, except for the Service vehicles. If you want to reach the parking area you must be allowed; anyway, you can’t drive faster than 5 km/hour. Cars must be parked in their reserved and numbered lot.
  3. It is allowed to enter or leave: By car from 7,oo a.m. to 2 p.m. , and from 4,oo p.m. to 12 p.m.; on foot  24/24 h.
  4. Management can not be held responsible for any damage, loss or removal of  Guest’s personal objects and properties ( cars, boats, jewels, valuables not deposited under the Management).
  5. It is strictly forbidden to damage plants, Village’s equipment or buildings, to hang up hammocks, covers and ropes, dig holes, spill boiling, salted or waste liquids on the ground, light fires outdoors (it’s possible to use the grill in the designated area).
  6. The use of Village’s facilities (such as sport plants, playground, etc…) and the taking part to any organized activity (competitions, games, shows…) are at one’s own risk.
  7. Dogs are not allowed except those of Small size (max 15 kg) if reported to the reservation. Are allowed only in limited areas. The owner must bring the animal with a leash, equipped with blade, muzzle and bag of waste. Outside the permitted area, it’s allowed to take the dog only to reach the Restaurant, the exits and the beach.
  8. Guests can wash their car in a special place provided by the Management.
  9. Minors unaccompanied by parents or grown-up relatives will not be welcomed. Children must always be taken to the toilet or any equipment.
  10. Incoming mail must be collected from the Reception Office by the Adults personally.
  11. The number of the accommodation and of the reserved place is given by the Management, and can be changed according to the necessities of manager’s office.



– On their arrival, Guests can enter the reserved lodging from 4 pm to 10,30 pm

– On their arrival Guest must pay the whole sum for their stay, having previously inspected the designed structure.

– In case of cancellations, no reimbursement will be made. Any failure to take up the lodging within 10,30 pm on the expected day without notice, will be considered cancellation.

– Any refund or reduction of price can’t be expected in case of postponed arrivals or in advance departures.

– Guest are asked to preserve their lodgings: it is forbidden to arrange differently the furnishings without authorization. The occupants will be charged for damages to the structrures and equipment.

– Lodgings – full equipped and with the kitchenette and the fridge cleaned – must be vacated between 7.00 am and 9.00 am on the day of departure, or within 10.30 pm on the day before.

– On leaving, guests will return the keys of the lodging and the electronic keys to the Management Office.



-Management will assign the camping place and the guests are invited to follow  the instructions about the parking of cars, one caravans or campers, as well as about the pitching of the tents (only one). Min 1 – Max 6 people (children included) for each pitch.

– The electricity provided on the places can be used only for the lightening, the fridge and tv set.

– Guest with reservation must pay the whole sum for their stay on the day of arrival and can occupy the assigned place from 12,00 am to 10,30 pm, having previously viewed it. They will not be refunded in case of cancellation. Any failure in arriving within 10,30 pm on the expected day without notice will be considered a cancellation. Refunds or reductions of price can’t be expected in case of delays in arrivals, in advance departures or occasional stays.

– Guests without reservation must pay for their stay on day before leaving, on cash hours.

– The places must be left clean and free from objects within 12,00 am on the day of departure; otherwise, guests will be charged with the daily rates. The place must be delivered clean, without holes, stakes, ropes and waste.




We hope that the holiday is to the liking for you and your Pet, we remember you some of the rules to prevent the occurrence of misunderstandings.

1 – It is first recalled that the owner is liable for damages caused to people or things from your dog.

2 -Dogs are not allowed, except those of small size (max 15 kg), if reported at the time of booking and in the area defined by the management.

3 -Dogs are allowed to enter and move only in the North  Camping Area. Outside the designated area, it is allowed to drive the dog only to reach the restaurant, the exits and access to the beach, as per article 7 of this regulation. Access to the restaurant is allowed only at external tables.

4 – The dog owner is required to produce the booklet supplied by the immunization of the animal at the time entering the Holiday Centre, in compliance with the provisions of the law.

5 – The dog should always be conducted with proper leash and muzzled in tow. The leash, so when used separately from the muzzle, it cannot be longer than 1.5 meters.

6 – The owners or keepers of animals for any reason will have to collect the droppings on the ground in order to maintain and preserve the state of hygiene and decorum of the place. For this purpose, shall be equipped with a special tool for the collection of excreta (paddle or other means) to be shown at all times to inspection by the staff of the Camping-site.

7 – For the use of beaches is remembered with article 5 paragraph 3 of the Regulation of the Municipality of Porto Sant’Elpidio, which provides that: “The dealers of beach during the opening period of the public can” … “accommodate dogs or other pets, leashed and muzzled, to be placed in the back row of umbrellas, adequately disclosed. The dog should be brought up by the master arm umbrella will be awarded where a bowl of water. The dog must always be kept on a leash under the umbrella, in particular in any


case the owner is able to lead the puppy on the beach, the sea, in the areas where they eat their meals, cabins and showers. The conductors of the dogs or companions should have followed the proper system for collection of excreta, which, in any case, be left on the beach … “

8 – It is mandatory, in general, to keep attitudes and behaviors that prevent the dog from disturbing the quiet of the other guests of the Campsite

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