Stay with dog

Why do we accept only small dogs?

The Holiday Centre La Risacca can accommodate many people and, like all the places in which live a multitude of people, you need to find a balance for the quiet life of everybody. On the one hand, not all people are dog lovers, and some are afraid while others are allergic, on the other, there are very many families taking a dog home and do not have relatives, friends or pension trust to which leave your pet, because, as a family member, it is right to go on vacation too! The small dogs are usually well tolerated even by those who are afraid, releasing less hair dirty to a lesser extent the interior of the accomodations, which are still subject to special cleaning after the stay of animals, resulting in fewer allergens. In our village the dogs can circulate all over the Northen Zone, in the services of this area there is a tub o bath your Pet Friend, because sea salt is not good that remains in contact with their skin. Moreover, according to the municipal regulation may access the beach with some precautions. The Management noted that the rule to bring a leash dogs is not only required by law but is synonymous with good manners and respect for others.

We accept only small dogs (max 15 kg)

Useful tips for a holiday with the dog

/ Remember that the owner is responsible for any damage caused by the dog to people, things or other animals.

/ Before leaving for the holidays, make sure that your dog has done all the necessary vaccinations and do not forget his veterinary record at home.

/ On the day of departure, bring your usual food with you if you do not immediately find a store to buy it.

Take your favorite toy with you to help you adapt more quickly to the new environment.

/ If you travel by car and there is a long way to go, stop every two hours to make stretch its legs legs and drink.

/ If your dog suffers from car sickness, ask your veterinarian for advice about which drugs to take with you during the trip.

/ Prefer foods rich in vitamins and minerals and, in the case of particular diseases of your pet, agree with the veterinarian a personalized diet suitable for the situation.

/ Never let your dog miss a bowl of fresh water.

/ Do not forget that excessive exposure to the sun can be a risk factor for your dog, as well as people, could experience heat stroke.

/ Avoid walking during the hottest hours and pay attention in case the animal does not enjoy perfect health, for example an elderly dog.

/ If your dog does not want to get into the water do not force it: not all dogs love to swim in the sea: pay attention to jellyfish and sea urchins, dangerous even for our four-legged friends.

/ Remember that even your dog can get burned and undergo a sunburn: therefore use a protective cream for the most sensitive areas such as belly and ears and pay special attention to animals with a light coat.

Once you have returned home, do not hesitate to take a bath in your dog’s fresh water in order to eliminate any trace of sand or salt water: they could damage their skin.


All accommodations accessible with a small dog (max 15 kg).

Studio Chalet Primula “Q”

Da €203/week 2+1…

girasole villaggio la risacca

Two-roomed Chalet Girasole

Da €259/week 4+1…

casamobile iris la risacca

Three-roomed Mobile Home Iris

Da €231/week 4…

tenda glamping

Three-rooms Safari Nature Lodge Tent

Da €175/week 5…


95 €/week

piazzole ombreggiate in campeggio in italia direttamente sul mare


Until 19.06 and from 29.08 to 14.09.2020 € 95 / week Standard pitch (max 3 people) € 125.00 / week Large pitch

Pay only 2 nights

piazzole large con allaccio idrico, campeggio con piazzole grandi, camping con piazzole large, camping con allaccio idrico


for arrivals after 16.00 on Friday and departure before 19.00 on Sunday. Reserved exclusively for campers in large pitches (offer not active from 1/8 to 23/8)

10% Discount

vacanze in bicicletta_campeggio per chi viaggia in bici nelle marche


-10% discount
for travelers by bicycle

(offer not active from 1/8 to 23/8)